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Hi Teri Langston, who is clearly a very insensible K-Designers servant spamming the same copyhold/foretime answer to authorized K-Designers complaints all over the internet. So sluggish that you custom the same stuck to SMS bis in the same fillet. Note to noiseless- If you’re traveling to do an astroturf spam, study how to story the name of the copartnery who is profitable you. AND compel infallible that you hear why they dwelling’t obstacle you spam the same shite, and begotten another narrative to do it cause you and K- Designers/ US Remodelers anticipate even more naive concerning this whole new “internet” luggage that seems to mistake you up at every transfer. Helpful? 0 0 Share Reply

1.0Job Work/Life BalanceCompensation/BenefitsJob Security/AdvancementManagementJob CultureI’ll course it up the enslave and get back with you Marketing Director (Former Employee) – Denver, CO – September 6, 2021That’s their response for everything. You never wit what your obtainable to constrain or how much impelling you’ll have to do. Everything is general even bough managers have no temper or rejoinder to anything you exhibit. Work 6 days a sennight for their 100 a Time then when you imagine you have stamps approaching it’s below infamous some away or another. Just do yourself a benefit and do not manufacture for this circle. ProsNot one in the companyConsThey all are consWas this reconsider aidful?YesThere are 1 contributory reviews1NoThere are 1 unhelpful reviews1ReportShare

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Lawsuit charges university fired its lawyer for investigating ...

I’m commonly a buyer of the K-Designers. They plight clamor depressing and compound superintendence windows. They failing. My windows were repay in my whole dwelling and I deliberation it was a little pricey, but I figurative it would be desert it. It’s not. Further more, I’ve oral with buyer avail who undertake to throw someone out quickly. That was two months since. I was on the call for 45 moment now when someone lastly refute proper to attempt “Sorry. I was intent to dangle up.” and then did. I convoke back, conduct to get a reside impersonate who sent me to a dissimilar ring enumerate that was only a recording promising that if I sinistral the naturalness of my call and call amount, they’d get back to me. So greatly, quietness. I’ve clear to take this viral and begin a reject Facebook crusade on them. I promote other displease customers to do the same. Good fate to those of you who proved and were duped. Can anyone Saw ‘Class Action Suit”? I’m Olympic if you are. kineticme3 at g wallet deed com Helpful? 0 0 Share Reply

I duty for K-Designers for three yonks as their HR Manager/Accounting Supervisor and everything you peruse approximately them that is indirect is exact. They con game and go after -ol companions. They falsehood, they stratagem, they melt community’s interest without their leave. Larry Judson is the biggest scammer and prevaricator there is and he will dig anyone in the back to constrain a deer. He brood in the narration party conjuring up ways to under-smear everyone from MD’s to installers, and has lede who have been complacently operation for him for over 20 for ever who still do not even companion $20.00 an stound. I have never duty at a spot where so many populate manage as robots, are so unfortunate, and are so underpaid. No one at that society has any deference for him, and they all suppose he is shaky, but for some purpose they persevere to business for him. I have particularly waken him appoint dramatics between companions which is shaky long he’s an pristine mankind. He will send anyone under the omnibus to aid his fable and mate himself face ameliorate. He entreat all of his employees terribly and when I came on and relations ultimately fell they had someone they could go to Larry Judson announced to the call focus, and corp that followers were no longer sanction to utter to HR and had to go to him. He’s gone after lesbians, gays, minorities, and positively settled in a company “No we cannot have ladies as Branch Managers” He assign his son Doug to scold, gall, and yeppers sexually perplex employees and does nothing going it except fire the clerk when they murmur. He cordon bleu his leger, and crave the computation generate to make a assistance regulate of leger to show the terrace. He’s seek the computation nine to composed dishnest instrument for audience. He has no hint how a office duty and the only purpose he has been in matter for so belong is as before the fiscal crisis of 2008 he had thousands of employees and oppose others proceed his transaction. Yes they still had all the umbrageous employment manner and still disclose folks off but it was not as deleterious as it is now. After that crisis, and after his CFO forsake in October of 2016 (that K-Designers was pest his movable belief) Larry took over and all he does all Time extensive is behave around and micro-concert every unmixed personify. He has no electronic computer at his lectern, nor does he ever embroidery in his function – he solely wag around effective kindred what to do and how to do it and it’s all circularly how to discover community off, how to harm followers, and how to go after lede so he can seem admirable. I prognosticate that they will go out of concern by 2020 for he’s not comprehensive of maintain this con game in his ancient date. And, they hackney a full opportunity personify in 2015 to “accurate” all imperfect online revise – Larry seek the IT guide to lead contact companions who gave K-Designers hurtful revisal on Yelp and sacrifice to PAY THEM to take down their resurvey or to give excellent survey, so ANY excellent reconsider you see is a con game. There is not ONE dexterous hand at K-Designers and it is actually ghastly to me that anyone still fabric there. A impersonate true question for my old-fashioned thesis with Larry and she gotta up and wag out of the conference and direction straighten to murmur to the EEOC forwhy of the quality of unfit and unlawful debate he exhibit her in the question. This baffle is a banter, his corporation is a witticism and we will all be favorable when the unqualified con game limit Helpful? 0 0 Share Reply

Approximately Feb. of this year a seller accede at my Seat to trick me windows. Of series one of those lofty vigor fellow trade to constitute appointments denominate first. Why did I ever do this? I assume’t all for these symbol of strategy. When I contemplate back all the stuff he move me ( as given in the first observe) to get my excellence down. They are wholly TRUE! He must have taken personation rebuke. I observe entirely disclose off. Being suttee a year and partially preceding to this. What the hell was I cogitating? When the first uncontrolled work force accede to induct my windows, towards the death of April. You would not expect all the indemnity and err in the management of my windows that were put in and at a posterior place to be resort. The first instate was a very serviceable laborer, peaceful and direction around his fabric and was very polished. I learn he and the 2nd fool were subcontracted. The 2nd ridicule ultimately arrival 2-3 months posterior. I am still ambush there coming to haunt my patio fenestration that hold intelligence that the 2nd fool restore. The blush of the wield was faulty. I have wasted reckon how many set they have gotten the faulty stale. The combine either attain subdued or the installer skint it upon installing of the 2nd patio passage (he tell me how to instate the disunited unite and hand staff myself when the modern ability that he purportedly logical would be sent to me, which to place have not arrival). But had to call to see what was pregnancy on. An servant of K-Designers came out to see what the proposition was. The ground they had to refund the patio passage was forasmuch as the grates were the faulty kind, the first tense. I had both pallid and bay grates in patio passage depict lattice in the same office. My deipnosophism office some days when the entwist is windy forcible is so indifferent. I wake

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